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Reinventing Men’s Basics

Our mission is simple: to make sure all your basics (and beyond) are smartly designed and shopping for them is easy and convenient.

Our Story is Your Story

We founded Mack Weldon because we wanted more out of our basics and always questioned how something so essential could be such a pain in the a** to buy?

The frustration was real and our “eureka moment” happened in a department store aisle full of brands that dominated our top drawer. Surrounded by a mind-numbing assortment of underwear and socks, we realized consistent fit and quality became a game of roulette… so we decided to take matters into our own hands.

We started from scratch and engineered our own fabric. We made sure the design process was meticulous so you can count on the fit being the same each time. We built a world class customer experience. The difference is in the details so we obsessed over every stitch and seam until we’d reached our definition of perfect.

Brian Berger

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Try us out risk-free and if you don't love it, a refund or exchange is on the house.

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Our design process will always start with the best fabrics and if we can't find what we need — we'll invent it like our 18-Hour Jersey. It's then put through an intensive process of trial and error to make sure the fit is as close to perfect as possible. All our products have countless blueprints and fittings because we trust our process and know your expectations.