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5 Reasons Why These Socks
Will Save Your Summer

5 Reasons Why
These Socks Will
Save Your Summer

By Ben Madison – 6.12.17

After seeing guys everywhere go sockless last summer, I decided to do the same. The result? Blisters and stinky shoes. . . there had to be a better way. I quickly learned there’s actually a strategy to the “no-show look”, and one brand has nailed it: Mack Weldon. Their socks saved my summer and here’s how:

1. They protect your heels.

All no-shows protect your shoes from odor-causing sweat - but it’s hard to find a pair that also guards against day-ruining blisters. Mack Weldon’s no-shows hit that sweet spot—high enough to fully protect your foot, but low enough to stay hidden.

2. They're engineered for comfort.

I always thought socks were all pretty similar in terms of comfort. That thinking quickly changed when I put these on and experienced the wonders of a cushioned footbed. The extra padding really does make a difference—it’s one of those “why-didn’t-someone-think-of-this-sooner” ideas.

3. They’ll never fall down.

If you’re a no-show sock pro, you know how difficult it is to find a pair that doesn’t slip down and end up on the bottom of your shoe. I’m happy to report that Mack Weldon’s signature no-slip heel grip kept my socks exactly where I wanted them—on my foot.

4. Trusted sources love them.

If my endorsement isn’t enough, consider this: the editors at GQ called Mack Weldon’s no-shows “a summer miracle,” and Men’s Health ranked them “The best no-show socks for men”.

5. The sockless look is better with socks.

If you’re still reading about no-show socks, you can probably relate to the pitfalls of going sockless. Why not save your summer (and your ankles) right now? With 12 different colors and free returns, you’ve got nothing to lose.

Are you ready for No-Show season?

Get yours today.