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7 Reasons Why Guys Are
Upgrading To Silver Underwear

7 Reasons Why Guys
Are Upgrading To
Silver Underwear

By Ben Madison – 7.25.17

Everywhere you look there’s another company selling underwear “unlike anything you’ve ever worn.” And now guys are wearing silver-infused underwear? I did some research to find out why so many guys are upgrading to Mack Weldon’s Silver Underwear.

1. They’re NASA-tested and approved.

Silver isn’t just a precious metal used to make jewelry and tableware. NASA, the U.S Special Forces, and Olympic athletes all use silver technology in their gear. It’s packed with natural performance qualities that provide major benefits when infused with other fabrics.

2. Silver kills odor.

Silver is antimicrobial, which means it naturally destroys odor-causing bacteria. I could go into detail a bit more, but the best way to experience the benefits of silver underwear is to take them for a spin on a hot day or, better yet, travel in them—truly game-changing.

3. They’re guaranteed.

All risks are eliminated with Mack Weldon’s Try-On Guarantee. For whatever reason, if you don’t love your Silver underwear, you’ll receive a full refund with no return required (yes, you can even keep the pair you tried on). Call them confident or crazy—these guys are willing to take that gamble.

4. They’re really comfortable.

Surprised by how soft and comfortable they were, I then read the tag and realized why. Mack Weldon’s Silver fabric is blended with pima cotton—the softest cotton in the world—and has the perfect amount of stretch. And if high-tech fabric isn’t your thing, the fit and design are equally impressive. The legs stay put without ever feeling tight and the waistband won’t roll or stretch out. They really nailed every detail.

5. They keep you cool.

Antimicrobial benefits aside, silver keeps you cool. And because Mack Weldon knows that staying cool is at the top of your list, they took it a step further by adding mesh cool zones near the fly and lower back. The result is enhanced airflow and maximum breathability where you need it most.

6. The experts are impressed.

The Huffington Post dubbed Mack Weldon "The Apple of Underwear" and The Daily Beast summed my thoughts up best when it said, “Silver is like air conditioning for your underwear.” It’s one thing to make the news, but it’s another thing to make the news for underwear.

7. They push the limits.

The advanced features of silver keep your underwear fresh for seven days without a wash. Sure, you might not test those limits, but it’s nice to know you can—kind of like owning a Ferrari that can go 200 MPH.

Not convinced and still think, “it’s just underwear”—see reason #3 again—they're guaranteed.

Try your first pair today.