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Ion Travel Kit

Built with everything you need and then some. The Ion Convertible Backpack goes everywhere and does everything with an innovative design and a sleek look.

Versatile smart straps

Engineered for functionality, the straps are adjustable and detachable. Go from backpack to briefcase to messenger bag in under a minute.

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Charge on the go

Always stay connected with the CHRGR phone charger. This is especially handy at the airport where finding an outlet feels like winning the Powerball.

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Water-resistant industrial twill

Engineered with a sturdy, water-resistant industrial twill fabric, the interior lining is then fused with antimicrobial silver ions that resist odor and keep your stuff fresh.

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Carry on

Quickly slide your backpack on your luggage with its built-in luggage sleeve. Take the weight off and travel a little easier.

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Built for your life

Equipped with nine compartments to fit your laptop and cables, shoes, phone CHRGR, iPad, Kindle, notebooks, water bottle, keys, get the idea.

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