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Guys don’t typically talk about their underwear, so we listen when they do.
Below are some of our favorite unsolicited and unedited customer quotes.

"They feel and wear fantastic! Best I’ve ever had."
"Your company popped up on the Facebook app last week and encouraged me to take a look. Your website is great. It’s about the underwear, not the models or some image I am supposed to have of myself. That was a very refreshing start. Then I began reading and I placed an order - and it won’t be my last. I received my first order today and this is a big wow moment. I have grown tired of having to choose between baggy underwear that looks like it was made for my grandfather or ultra-fashion underwear which is cheaply made, overpriced and doesn’t fit. Mack Weldon got it right. I love the trunk design but until I discovered your trunks, nobody had it right, not even Armani. The legs would bunch and creep and after a couple of sits and stands the back of the waistband was in the middle of my backside. THESE JUST FIT! They also look great and have a real feel of quality. I don’t know how many brands of no show socks I have tried over how many years but that has always been a letdown. Until now! You got this right too! You’ve got me!" John
"I REALLY like the undershirts I ordered from you. I will remember your brand and website VERY favorably. Your design and quality of this particular item are five-star!"
"I love your products and have told all of my friends about your underwear. I’ll never wear another brand again!"
"These are by and far the very most comfortable, well made, best fitting I have ever bought. The fabric is perfect. Not too soft like those “jersey” fabrics and not too thin and light like polyester, but is has a cool smooth crisp nicely woven feel to them and even stretch a little. The leg openings are just right, not too wide, not too tapered and are the perfect length. Maybe if there was one improvement, they would not be as “tall” so they would sit a little lower at the waist. Don’t get me wrong……these are terrific just as they are. I will only buy these from MW from now on. Kudos to you."
"I was concerned about sizing because the only thing that I have in common with the fellow on your website modeling the underwear is that we have the same number of arms and legs."
"I wore my new underwear this week and am impressed by the comfort. The fabric is very soft and comfortable. My job requires me to be moving all day and the underwear stayed comfortable all day long. I will be ordering more."
"They arrived today. My wife is dancing. I am dancing. Even our cat Phoebe is dancing. Okay, the cat is not actually dancing. She is leaping and swiping at the posh tag on the fancy string. I just ordered 2 more pairs. Thank you. I love your stuff."
"I waited a while to respond so I could put my purchase to the test. I was a bit skeptical that the trunks would be worth the money, now they are my favorite! I hate wearing anything else. Needless to say, I am hooked!" Wayne
"Best underwear I have ever owned. The quality of your product and professionalism of your company is above all. Thank you for making such a wonderful product and having such great service."
"The underwear are amazing! My boyfriend loves them!"
"The underwear I ordered is probably the most comfortable I’ve ever worn."
"I love Mack Weldon gear. I’ve adopted your tee shirts and boxer briefs and hate the weeks I am unable to do laundry in a timely fashion and must resort to my cotton pre-mack weldon- underwear and tee shirts."
"I just received my first set of underwear from Mack Weldon and so long as I live and your company is in business I will never buy another pair of underwear from anyone else ever again. I have been searching for underwear that does not ride up, bunch up, make me sweat, or provides hours of constant adjustment. Wearing your underwear feels like a second skin. Thank you!!!" Clark
"The underwear is hands down among the best I’ve ever worn. Comfortable, soft, stylish, overall excellent. Thanks for being a game changer in the skivvies arena!"
"Your boxer briefs product is so superior that I ordered another dozen and am getting rid of the predecessor brand of this item."
"The fabric in the trunks is wonderfully comfortable. As soon as I bought enough pairs of them, I turfed out all the other brands from my dresser. I'm never going back! Now that I've tried your undershirt, which is equally comfy (and the length is just fine for a tall medium build), I'll be turfing out the old shirts soon. Bravo on making the basics comfortable and stylish."
"I bought the 5 pairs of trunks for my husband's birthday after a friend of mine recommended… husband loves them and I love the way they look on him. Really great product. He loves the fit, the material, how well the product is made, and how well they stay in place during the day. We definitely plan on replacing the rest of his underwear with Mack Weldon."
"I am amazed at the quality and comfort of my new socks and underwear. It’s unlike any other brand I’ve worn before."

You'll never really know how it feels until you try it on for yourself. We're confident you'll agree it's like nothing else in your drawer, and we guarantee it. If you're not satisfied with your first pair, let us know. We'll send you a different size or style - or give your money back. No questions, no returns - easy.